ME 1/4" Scale Book House
This little 1/4" scale house is an original design of Pam Scott, Ft. Myers, Florida. She allowed me to use her pattern to make these little houses for dinner centerpieces for the October 2000 miniature show sponsored by the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis.  Since I didn't win one of the centerpieces, I had to make myself one of my very own.

The house is created by using the small 3-3/4" Mary Englebreit book Life is Just a Chair of Bowlies as the roof of the house and some designs from the pages of the book are used as decorations on the exterior and interior of the house.
The wallpaper, wallpaper border, and the trim on the furniture are "printies" courtesy of Lisa Volrath of the website.  The museum centerpiece houses were papered in this green stripe and also yellow pindot.  I hadn't added the breakfront to the kitchen when I took this picture.
The furniture is the inexpensive bubble pack plastic furniture that I painted and trimmed with Lisa Volrath's "printies."  I painted cherries on the furniture and the bowl and pitcher.  The furniture for the museum centerpieces were slightly different--flowers instead of cherries.  I also added the breakfront to my set and there are tiny, tiny Fimo bowls on the shelves made by my friend, Mary Ellis.
I landscaped the house when I happened upon some little things at a local "Deals" store, which is a dollar-type store.  The fences, trellis, benches, and mail box are all from this store.
After I took the pictures shown above, my friend, Frannie, gave me a tiny birdbath (complete with bird) that is perfect for this little house.  I had to add pictures--it is shown on the right side of the lawn.