Cross Stitch
Here are a few cross-stitch pieces I have hanging in my real house.  Sorry about the distortion on the photos--they were taken at an angle to avoid flash reflections.   My husband makes the frames for the stitching projects, both in life size and in miniature.  He doesn't just put the frames together, but creates the framing stock.
"Cats & Quilts" patterns published as a series in a cross-stitch magazine.  I was in a quilt phase some years ago and these all the quilt pictures hang over my sofa.
Quilt designs by Paula Vaughn published as a series in a cross-stitch magazine.
More Paula Vaughn designs published as leaflets.
These three garden scenes were published as a series in a cross-stitch magazine and hang over the living room fireplace.
Lavender & Lace angel hangs in living room.
This crewel embroidery stitched from a kit hangs in living room.
Stitched from a kit --  in entry hall.
Lavender & Lace angels hangs in dining room (supposedly for Christma season, but it's been there for over a year now).
Small St. Louis scene designed by local artist.
Birds stitched on  kitchen towels from a cross-stitch leaflet.
Stitched from a cross-stitch leaflet -- in kitchen.
Stitched from cross-stitch leaflet -- in sewing room.