Baby Nursery Gift Bag
I made this gift bag as a shower gift for my daughter-in-law before the birth of our first grandchild.  It turned out to be a little girl, Kira.  I made this little room to duplicate their nursery in miniature, so I am  putting in a few pictures of the "real" room so you can compare the two.
The Miniature Nursery
The "Real" Nursery
A friend of my son painted the garden mural for this room.  The bedding is a John Lennon design by Carter.   I'm including pictures of their two cats at the time, Oscar & Jocko, because they are represented in the room.  They also had a black Lab, Hershey, but she is not pictured here.
I found a "John Lennon" bag and it was the perfect giftbag for this nursery.  My sister is an artist and I had her paint the mural from photos I had taken of the room.  It isn't exactly the same, of course, but very similar to the original.
To duplicate the bedding for the crib, I scanned the picture included with the bedding set for the quilt on the end of the crib and the bumper pads.  For the dust ruffle, I had to scan the actual fabric to get a facimile of it.  I corrected the size and printed out on fabric and then sewed, stuffed, and glued.  I had to repaint Oscar, the cat hanging on the edge of the crib checking out the mobile, to more accurately represent the real cat.
The baby pictures with the "?" was replaced with the baby's picture after she was born.  I took a picture of the "real" quilt on the back of the rocker and printed it on fabric to represent  the real quilt in the baby's room.  Their black cat, Jocko, just jumped off the chair while Hershey looks on.  The frame on the top shelf is a replica of one they received as a shower gift (I scanned the actual frame and inserted baby pictures of  my son (right baby picture) and his wife (left baby picture).  The toys were swaps, round tables and tote bag favors. 

The sampler is a photo of a sampler that I stitched for the baby.  The important things like, name, birthdate, and weight will be stitched in after the "blessed event" and the photo replaced.  The top view of the bag shows the rug.  The rug in the baby's actual room has sculptured leaves but I drew the leaves on the fabric using a scrapbooking pen.
The real crib.
The miniature crib.